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California Society for Healthcare Risk Management

Logo, Business System, Website, Tradeshow Signage

California Society for Healthcare Risk Management (CSHRM) is an umbrella organization providing resources and education for its members and the healthcare risk management field. We helped develop a new brand identity and a robust but easy to maintain website that helps CSHRM stay connected to its members. We continue to provide design and marketing support to help them build on their solid growth.


Each of these three clients were in need of a strategic website redesign that would allow a more seamless experience for the end user. They were each lacking a comprehensive branding strategy and as a result, were being lost in the healthcare risk management shuffle.


We began by examining the needs of the end user and developing an approach to navigation that was multi-layered yet intuitive by design. Next, we worked closely with the client’s management team to determine their continued plans for expansion and developed a multi-tiered branding strategy that would allow for effective communication, marketing and membership development for many years to come.


The result is three redesigned and fully functional web sites, utilizing a comprehensive brand strategy and offering broad based appeal and intuitive navigation. We also have a strategic communications plan in place that the client has the ability to implement on their own.

The following components were used in reaching our overall marketing goals:

  • Website Redesign
  • Strategic Communications Plan



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