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A More Excellent Way

Logo, Website, Print Collateral, Apparel, Promotions

A More Excellent Way is a peer organization focused on encouraging African-American women to breast feed their babies for the long term health and mental benefits it provides. We helped develop the MEW brand, website, brochures, apparel, and marketing collateral.


Breastfeeding offers so many benefits for families, including health benefits for both mother and baby, perfect nutrition that formula cannot provide, a loving and bonding experience and a significant cost savings. Even so, African American women are much less likely to breastfeed than other women. What was once an important tradition is not the norm for raising children today and in fact, in African American communities, there is often a stigma against breastfeeding. There are many reasons for this trend, starting with a lack of support. Helpful breastfeeding resources for African American women simply don’t exist. Because breastfeeding isn’t talked about, mothers don’t know where to go for help.

A More Excellent Way needed a way to raise awareness not only of the importance of breastfeeding, but of the services their organization offers.


We wanted first to truly understand our client and the issues facing their community. This allowed us to determine our “jumping off point” and to develop core messages that would hit home and connect with our target audience. Integrating those core messages into an overall marketing theme, we developed a schedule for a directed print and radio public service campaign, special events and social media initiatives.


We gave visitors to the website immediate, at-your-fingertips information and resources. We directed users to the website through social media and through distribution of collateral materials (t-shirts, brochures, calendars, church fans etc.). We utilized FREE media though public service messages and traditional press releases that further directed traffic to the website and we developed a brand for our client that will carry them through their next phase of expansion and beyond.

The organization has been able to continue growing, reaching out to even more women and families and reduce the barriers to breastfeeding that exist within the African American community.

The following components were used in reaching our overall marketing goals:

  • Brand Development & Integration
  • Brand Messaging
  • Collateral Materials
  • Website Design
  • Media Outreach
  • Public Education
  • Special Events


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