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  • Consultation & Marketing Evaluation

    We work with you to evaluate existing marketing and design efforts and plan for possible goals and changes.

  • Identity Design & Development

    Comprehensive logo design and brand development for healthcare related organizations and products.

  • Graphic Design

    Brochures, flyers, collateral, packaging - we can tackle anything.

  • Wayfinding & Signage

    Facility wayfinding and permanent or temporary signage.

  • Website Design & Development

    Simple and complex website design and development services for your small practice, large organization, or medical product.

  • App Design & Development

    Everyone doesn't need an app, but sometimes it's the perfect solution. We work with you from concept to launch.

  • Printed Marketing Collateral

    Brochures, flyers, sales sheets, annual reports, labels - We take it from design to print.

  • Print Management

    Print runs large or small, we have the print relationships to get you the best price at the highest quality in the fastest time.

  • Online Form Management

    Apollo MD's Raven™ Asset Management will help you organize, manage and print order all your organization or products marketing collateral.

  • Referral Programs

    Existing patients and members are your organizations most trusted resource - help them help you.

  • Direct Mail & Postcards

    Sometimes nothing beats a postcard in the mail - A well designed postcard that is.

  • Event & Conference Design

    Attract the right attention and effectively communicate your organization's services or products with beautiful exhibit design and conference marketing materials.

  • eNewsletters

    Reach out to patients or members that want to stay in the loop through email.

  • Print Newsletters

    Sometimes what you have to say is best expressed in print with large graphics - Traditional newsletters still deliver.

  • Social Media

    All the buzz, but is it all important? - Yes. Get the basics right and your social media properties can work magic for you.

  • Online Advertising

    When you want to get serious about selling and promoting, online and pay-per-click advertising works.

  • Outdoor Advertising

    The public needs to know - We help develop the best outdoor strategy with the most targeted messaging to make your outdoor ads have serious impact.

  • Publication Advertising

    Trade journals or national magazines - We'll help find the sweet spot and create ads that hit the mark.

  • TV & Radio Advertising

    Say it loud or soft - There's no substitute for these classic media to complete a well developed advertising campaign.

  • Media Buying

    Strategic media buying and placement so your campaign runs smooth, efficient and effective.

  • Publicity & PR

    You may not realize it, but people DO want to hear about your organization or product. We'll help put the word out.

  • Web & Event Video Production

    Video is the new killer app. Communicate your message with depth and brevity at the same time.

  • Marketing Plans

    You've got to have a plan. We help you put it together.

  • Medical Device Design

    Industrial design and solutions from concept to market.

  • Packaging Design

    The book is still judged by the cover. If you need packaging, get it done right the first time.

  • Photography

    There is no substitute for great custom photography. Nobody thinks of it, but it should almost come first in any marketing and design communications.

  • Medical Writing

    We are known for translating complex, technical language into copy that your audience can understand and connect with.

  • Meeting & Event Planning

    No matter how small or large, we can assist you with your event planning needs. We add a creative touch to every meeting. Some of our meeting services include brochure development, meetings - small and large, conference planning, and press conference and media outreach. Just leave the details to us!