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A few good words from some amazing clients.

California Society for Healthcare Risk Management

When CSHRM made the decision to re-design our website after looking at several web design companies, we ultimately chose Apollo MD. We couldn't have been more pleased with how Apollo MD redesigned our logo and website to rebrand our organization. We have received only positive responses from our members and external viewers.

Apollo helped us work through the complex process of determining how best our website could function. With his informative, thoughtful and professional approach, Tom made it a pleasure. I would recommend working with Apollo Marketing Design without hesitation.

Dana Faber

CSHRM Past-President/Communications Chairperson

Southern California Association for Healthcare Risk Management

Apollo created a bright, exciting new branding package for SCAHRM, all the while staying true to the roots of our 30+ year history. In addition to being talented designers, their “can-do” attitude and quick response time make them wonderful to work with. I highly recommend Apollo to anyone in need of fresh, innovative design and marketing services.

Kimberly Erwin

Website Administrator

Southern California Association for Healthcare Risk Management

We were at a loss after identifying a virus on our website which prompted the Southern California Association of Healthcare Risk Management (SCAHRM), a 400+ member organization, to deactivate the site. With our primary fund-raising activity on calendar which required electronic functionality, we found ourselves at a loss. Tom Beauchamp from Apollo was our knight in shining armor. Not only did Tom create a website far beyond what we had hoped in an immediate fashion, but he rebranded our logo and created design strategies to meet the needs of our organization.  SCAHRM cannot thank Tom enough for his quick action and amazing creativity.

Heather Gocke

Past President

San Diego Association for Healthcare Risk Management

The Board of San Diego Association of Healthcare Risk Managers (SDAHRM) reached out to Apollo Marketing Design to remedy our ineffective website. Working with Tom was a true pleasure, and his wealth of creative genius filled in the gaps in our own vision of the new website. Tom spoke with us at length to understand our organization and what we wanted to accomplish via the SDAHRM website. He then provided us with an abundance of various designs from which to choose for our logo, and explained the importance of branding. Tom's experience allowed him to educate us on the various aspects of branding, and smoothly facilitated the selection of a logo, as well as website design that would represent the mission of our organization while attracting new members. We also were able to work with Tom to make the website user friendly, while encompassing all the aspects and information we wanted to present through this media.

The finished design was absolutely perfect. It was pleasing to the eye, easy to navigate, and allowed us to continually update our information. We want members of our organization to be able to access various web pages and information while permitting the general public access to our organization¹s purpose, mission, and membership opportunities. Tom accomplished this for us and created a website that allowed easy access to information without having to search through many pages to locate the desired information. Tom also employed a scrolling banner for our generous sponsors that is aesthetically pleasing, while honoring those businesses that support our mission.

Overall, we are well pleased with the quality of the work that Tom provided to us, and we would enthusiastically recommend his services to any business or organization that needs a new or updated website experience.

Moira Brennan

SDAHRM Board of Directors

UpFront Programs

I first came to know Tom as a fellow parent of a soccer player. We watched as our children yelled, screamed, and sometimes actually kicked the ball. He was caring, attentive, and very supportive with his daughters and I, as a new parent in town, thought this is someone I would like as a friend. During our discussions it came up that he was CEO of a web design firm. As the synchronicity of the universe would have it I was also looking to upgrade our website, Upfront Programs. Tom and I agreed to meet. To make a long story short, Tom had a way about him that allowed me to feel heard, understood, supported, and challenged just enough to get me to think past what I felt was possible. In collaboration with Tom and all at Apollo, we were able to design a website that has performed far past what I expected or hoped for. His ideas are fresh, his concern for our work is real, his prices are fair. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Go to Apollo Marketing Design. Make them work for you. You won’t be sorry, and neither will your clients.

Chuck Ries