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Brand Design & Development

Phase I: Planning

Apollo Marketing Design (ApolloMD) will research similar businesses, competition, and other related industries to evaluate the current branding status of the industry. This phase is concerned with gathering information and establishing design criteria. ApolloMD will spend time with the client to define the needs, objectives and challenges to create a comprehensive, professionally executed brand identity program.

Phase II: Conceptual Development

Develop concepts for new color identity for the company or project that evokes the nature and purpose of the brand message. Conceptualize positioning tag line for the company to be used in conjunction with chosen identity. Tag line will be based on goals of marketing communication for the company or project. The chosen tag line and identity will help speak to the target market with a consistent and effective message. This phase results in a presentation to the client showing those ideas that meet the prescribed criteria. 

Phase II to Include:

  • Presentation of logo concepts of which one will be chosen and refined as the final logo
  • Presentation of tag lines of which one will be chosen and incorporated with the chosen identity
Phase III: Design Development

At this stage ApolloMD refines the accepted design which may include general format, typography, and other elements. Applications to stationary will be provided to demonstrate the specific advantages of the design. Recommendations are also made regarding color palette and secondary typography. A final presentation will be made to the client explaining the refined applications. 

Phase III to Include:

  • Development of logo to Business System which includes, but may not be limited to, layout design of Business Card, Letterhead, and standard #10 Envelope
  • Identity and brand “color palette” and “selected fonts” to be carried throughout marketing and design efforts to help solidify brand in consumer’s mind
  • Production and preparation of business system to print ready art on CD for all principal logos and stationary
  • During Phase III, print prices can be estimated based on size, quantity, paper stocks and colors required
Phase IV: Design Implementation

In this phase application formats will be developed to visually demonstrate the nature of the corporate identity system. ApolloMD will establish guidelines in the form of an electronic Graphic Standards Manual to establish the management endorsed design policy and implementation procedures. 

Phase IV to include:

  • • Recommendations for logo usage and application finalized in development of Graphic Standards Manual